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Journey of Self-Transformation
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Welcome, in this package, you will get all 3 weeks of the Self-Transformation Journey—Self-Transformation I, II & III a discounted price!

In these three weeks, you will be guided to realize from internal experience all the things you need to know about transforming the suffering states of the mind.

What does transforming the suffering states mind mean?

The suffering states of the mind are basically the negative states of the mind that makes one unhappy, i.e. it can be a fear, anger, guilt, jealousy, feeling of vulnerability, limitations—basically any states of the mind that deprives one of their experience of happiness.

The goal of the course is to teach you how to transform your suffering states of the mind so they do not arise again. So yes, we are not only learning how to manage our suffering states of the mind (though you will learn how to reduce your sufferings), but the goal is to learn how to completely transform and release it.

Yes, this is an ambitious goal indeed!

As the goal is to effect transformation at the deepest level of the mind, after you learn the method of Self-Transformation, it will require you to invest time and effort to make progress on the journey.

The method I am teaching you come from my own experiences, so it's knowledge that you won't be able to compare or find elsewhere. And throughout the course, you will be guided to realize from experience why the method works.

As usual...

Every morning, there will be a practice for you to journey into yourself. Then you will be given a practice to attempt throughout the day so that you can internalize and realize how the mind works even deeper through actual life experiences.

Every evening, there will be a discourse to help you understand your experiences even deeper, teaching you how the mind works, guiding you through the obstacles you may face in life journey, all aimed to help you to realize more about yourself!

A Transformative And Enlightening Journey Awaits!

Visit website Creation Within Creation for more courses and articles on how to transform your mind!

"Be happier than the day before"

-Jonny John Liu

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Package | Creator's Journey Of Self-Transformation

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