Week 1 - Creator's Journey Towards Greater Happiness

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We all desire for greater happiness—that is the Universal destination for all minds, all souls!

But where can one find greater happiness?

The truest direction towards greater happiness is within.


To discover the secrets of happiness, one must go where the experience of happiness originates—into oneself, into one's mind, into the place where all experiences begin!

The journey of happiness is the journey of Self-Knowing.

The journey of greater happiness is a journey of Self-Knowing because the more one knows oneself, the more one will be able to discover the deeper causes of all their unhappiness, and in turn, their solutions!

The best practice for one to develop Self-Knowing is the practice of meditation: where one spends time to sit in Stillness, closed-eyed, observing the world within.

Practicing meditation 30 minutes to an hour a day is the most effective way to develop Self-Knowing!

But...30 minutes of doing nothing sounds.. like a waste of time!

That is why I created this course..to motivate you to practice meditation!

In this course, you will be guided to learn the practice of meditation and experience the various and the wonderful benefits it offers—from healing to solving problems, and so forth.

The goal of this course is to guide you to realize just how rewarding it is to just there and do nothing! Hopefully this will motivate you to pickup meditation as a daily practice!

And if you enjoy this course, be sure to continue with the rest of the course (Weeks 2-4) where I will guide you even deeper into the journey and show you the ways to discover and transform your deepest Sufferings: fears, anger, impatience—all that is making you unhappy within.

I want to guide you on a journey into your sufferings because the truest way to Create greater happiness is through transforming the source of our Unhappiness.

The journey towards Greater Happiness awaits!

Visit website Creation Within Creation for more courses and articles on how to transform your mind!

"Be happier than the day before"

-Jonny John Liu

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Week 1 - Creator's Journey Towards Greater Happiness

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