The Creator's Meditation

Journey of Self-Transformation
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How much do you really know yourself?

When we lack Self-Knowing, we will also lack the knowledge of what is truly causing our fears, anger, impatience—Our Suffering States Of Mind.

So, if one wishes for greater happiness and address their unhappiness, one must look inwards to explore and learn about the World Within. The more one knows about the laws of the Inner Universe, the more one will be able to use their Powers as The Creator to transform it.

With Self-Knowing will come Self-Transformation.

The Creator's Meditation course has been designed as a 22 day journey to take you, step by step, into yourself so that you can develop Self-Knowing.

The Creator's Meditation uses the technique of Vipassana, which was perfected by Gautama Buddah, as the foundation for Self-Knowing so that one can learn to observe Reality as is without it being distorted by the Mind.

Every day revolves around 30-60 minutes of guided meditation with a short talk at the end of every practice to guide you the ways of applying what you have learnt into your life for Self-Transformation.

Remember, Life will always be the bigger Practice.

Take this online Vipassana Course if you wish to Know more about yourself and learn the ways of transforming the Suffering States of your Mind!

This technique is not affiliated with any religion and works through working with the Universal Nature of the mind. Thus it will work for everyone regardless of race, religion, school of thought

A Great Investment

You are well supported in taking this course. When you purchase this course, you are also getting a wealth of resources!

On this website, you will be able to find hundreds of articles, which are being frequently updated, in the Catalyst Section of the website where you can use to go deeper into the practice.

Once you have learnt the Creator's Meditation, you can explore the various articles on the website to understand more about different Suffering States of Mind and ways to go even deeper into yourself.

The Creator's Meditation

Day 1-3. 5 Present Breaths

Day 4-6. Awareness

Day 7-9. Body Journey

Day 10-12. Outer Stillness

Day 13-15. Inner Stillness

Day 16-18. Expansion

Day 19-21. Transforming The negative Ideas

Day 22-∞. Applying it in Life

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"This course is well worth taking. I've learned new techniques to meditate and the importance of stillness and a non judgmental mind. From today onwards I shall incorporate meditation and the teachings I've learned in this course in my daily routine and make it the foundation of my newly found life style. Thank You!" -J Sanchez

"It's a wonderful experience!" -M Espinoza

"I very much enjoyed this meditation course. I had been meditating for a year prior to taking this program. The guided meditations were easy to follow and over the course of the 21 days helped to bring more stillness to my meditation practice. Highly recommend." -M Sieffert

"Great guidance, soothing poetic and lyrical voice and verb leading one to self awareness, recognition, discovery, and hopefully enlightenment. Very glad to have decided on this purchase" -B Behm

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The Creator's Meditation

0 ratings