10 Days Vipassana Meditation Journaling

Creation Within Creation
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An Enlightening 10 Days Journey Into The Self

In these 10 days, you will be taken on a journey deep into yourself—To discover the person behind the personality.

Every day, you will develop the Self-Knowing of who you really are, your deeper desires and fears and learn the cause of your unhappiness.

A 10 Day Vipassana Journaling

Each day is a day of journalling where you will be writing down what you have discovered in the Self-Knowing Journal provided with the course.

A Journey For Everyone

This course is suited for beginners up to advanced, exploring all the ways to go deep in the Vipassana Practice.

What is the difference between this Vipassana Meditation and Others?

There is currently a 10 day Vipassana Course that is currently taught by S.N. Goenka which involves 10 hours of meditation practice a day. It's a course that I would recommend everyone to try.

However, some may find 10 hours a day too intense so I have this course that you can use to start on your journey of Self-Knowing.

If you wish to go even deeper into the practice of Vipassana after taking this course, you can also try the Creator's Meditation which is also a Vipassana type of meditation which is a 22-day course that goes into the Self-Transformative aspects of the practice in more detail.

And on my website there are plenty of free resources to help you on your journey of Self-Transformation

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-Jonny John Liu


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