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10 Days Of Intense Self-Transformation

The key to Transforming All Suffering States of the Mind is to develop Self-Acceptance.

Realize that if you can accept all there is, you will no longer experience fears, guilt, regret, anger—Unhappiness.

For instance, when you experience fear, you are in the state of rejecting an outside experience.

For instance, when you are angry, you are in the state of rejecting the Other Self.

For instance, when you are experiencing shame, you are in the state of rejecting yourself.

To transform your Sufferings thus is to Transform Self-Rejection into Self-Acceptance!

But how to develop Self-Acceptance?

In these 10 days, you will be guided to develop Self-Acceptance at the deepest level of the Mind through learning the One-Self Catalyst. You will be guided to see that the way the Deeper Mind sees the World—that All Is The Self!

Every day, you will learn about how your mind works and the ways to shift the Rejecting-Mind towards the Accepting-Mind by applying the One-Self Catalyst to Meditation and your Life Experiences.

It will be an uncomfortable course because your beliefs will be challenged and turned upside down, which can cause mild experiences of discomfort and trauma throughout the course.

But it will be highly rewarding!

You are well supported

On the website, you will be able to find hundreds of free articles in the Catalyst Section of the website.

Each article will go into the different suffering states of mind in depth so that you can understand how they are formed by the states of Self-Rejection and how you can transform it using the One-Self Catalyst.

So, when you purchase this course, you are also getting a wealth of resources!


-Jonny John Liu


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